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About us

About the company

About us

Basic information about the company
The joint-stock company was established and registered with the Companies Register on February 7 1994. The company is registered with the Companies Register of the District Court Trnava, record no. 20/T.
Our company deals above all with:
  • the production of metal furniture
  • surface treatment with powder colours
  • purchase and sale of the products. 
The range of our products offers complex and convenient solutions for storage systems. At the moment we offer customers:
  • metal furniture for offices
  • cloakrooms
  • archives
  • storerooms
  • laboratories
  • furniture for the purpose of production and maintenance. 
The portfolio of our products, sizes and colours has been extended considerably. Moreover, we offer clients competitive prices, a shorter delivery period, a continually improving quality and the appropriate services.
Our mission is to:
  • satisfy the client`s needs, to find complex solutions for him/her with regard to storing various items, 
  • meet delivery time, 
  • provide a convenient price/performance ratio, to ensure that our clients can always rely on high-quality products and many other success criteria. 
                                   „metal enhanced by design“
The vision of our company is to add a new dimension to our products that will reaffirm our corporate slogan “metal enhanced by the design”. We are convinced that also metal products can meet the requirements for design, ergonomics and at the same time meet the needs of functionality. Our products accompany people in their everyday work life, they are a part of their working environment and therefore, together with other factors, they influence the employees` well-being that forms the basis of your company`s success. Our products are sold all over the world under our brand name AJMetalDesign®